If you live in the Buffalo area, you can arrange contactless outdoor pick-up for free! 


All orders $30 and up, within 5 mile radius of the shop can be delivered at your request.

For customers getting refills, you can choose "use your own" containers, and arrange for us to pick them up at your door.  When your containers are filled, we will deliver them back to your door usually within 1-2 days.  Your containers must be clean and dry for us to offer you this free service.

If you choose to buy our logo bottles, and decide to return them after use.  We will issue you $8 store credit per bottle towards future purchases, as long as the bottles are returned undamaged and clean.  If bottles are returned as damaged and/or with residue, credit will be forfeited.  We cannot take back any mason jars at this point.  Thank you for your understanding.

To arrange pick up and delivery, please email us at info@littlesalmon.co.  Or call us at 716-777-0634