First let me say "thank you!" for coming to this page.  That means you really care, and that means a lot to us!

Here at Little Salmon, we believe that it wouldn't be a purpose driven business without giving back, which is also metaphorically inspired by the actual salmon returning to its natal stream to create their next generation.

Many brands featured in our shop have their own causes that they care about, charity organizations they donate to/partner with; To name a few, some of these charity organizations are: 1% for the planet, WaterAid, Ocean Blue Project, Clean Planet Project...etc.

Little Salmon as a company believes in empowering the youth and impacting change at the local level. Starting with our first sale, we will be donating 3% of our profit on a monthly basis to the following organizations based in Buffalo NY: Massachusetts Avenue Project and Upward Design For Life.  If you are wondering who they are and what they do, I encourage you to check out their websites!

You might be thinking 3% is not that much. Whew!  Let me tell you, the cost and sweat capital that come with starting a small business ain't small!  The day that 3% becomes a bigger percentage is the day that we are finally gaining enough support from our amazing community (that's you!) The more you shop with us, the more we will donate!